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May theme:   ‘SHAKTI, the Divine Mother’ $56 value (scroll down for list of products) 

This month we honor The Mother, The Earth and the Goddess Shakti, a popular and powerful archetype that embodies the feminine aspect of creation. In Hinduism, Shakti is the divine mother who gives birth to and nurtures new life, whether a newborn baby, a brand-new relationship, a fresh idea or a magical manifestation.

1.  Jasmine Rose -  beauty cream by Aloe +Coco ($9.99): This uplifting lightweight moisturizer is made with ingredients we can actually pronounce. Both healing and soothing it leaves skin soft and glowing. Apply this cream liberally to dry or damp skin to seal in moisture. 

2.  Nail Enamel by LAUREN B in ‘Laurel, Canyon Lover' ($18): Look and feel like a Goddess with this gorgeous nail enamel by Lauren B. Her signature formula is cruelty-free, vegan and free of major toxins associated with nail polish.

3.  Mint & Rose Quartz Wellness Candle by BEE LUCIA ($14.95): Light this healing candle to create an environment that cultivates love, compassion and renewal. The unique combination of refreshing mint and the compassionate energy of rose quartz complement each other to create space for purifying and opening the heart, increasing focus and healing capacity.

4. Crystal Infused Energy Cleanse Smudge Spray by SELF GODDESS ($10 VALUE): Traditionally, people used to smudge their environment by burning the bundle of dried sage for its herby smoke. But the beautiful goddesses from SelfGoddess came up with an even easier solution and created a crystal infused smudge spray. This wonderful spray has healing crystals and amethyst gems is blended with sage, clary sage and rosemary oils. Feel free to smudge yourself, another person, your home or anywhere else you desire.

5. Dairy-free coconut creamer sticks by COCONUT CLOUD ($2/THREE STICKS): These sticks are super convenient! Just throw one in your bag and you're on your way! Made from sustainably harvested coconuts this creamer is the ultimate choice to elevate your morning cup of joe. 

6. FEELING FAB ZEN CARD: Enjoy this Affirmation Card, created and designed for our Fab Tribe community.