Feeling Fab - Pastbox3

April theme:   SHINE FROM WITHIN ($49)

"To me, to be enlightened is to go within and to know who and what we really are, and to know that we have ability to change for the better by loving and taking care of ourselves"   ~ Louise Hay

1. Healing Chakra Gemstone Bracelet ($22): Ancient Buddhist Tantra teachings dictates that there are seven primary meeting points between the non-physical energy channels of the body. When the seven chakras are in balance, life feels good, and all is as it should be. Made with 100% real and genuine gems (quartz and agate), this gorgeous healing bracelet will get your chakras back in balance.

2. Jasmine Rose Beauty Serum by ALOE & COCO ($9.99): This all-natural, handmade to order beauty serum is formulated with a base blend of aloe vera and coconut oil, infused with jasmine and rose essential oils. We love how it makes our skin luminous, soft and silky.

3. Mint Chocolate Energy Bar by REDD ENERGY ($3): The Mint Chocolate Redd bar is a deliciously revolutionary convenience food that delivers a nutrient-dense, flavorful and slightly caffeinated snack or meal replacement. Certified Gluten Free. 70% Organic. Non-GMO. Kosher. Vegan. Soy Free.

 4. Cooling and Cleaning Active Body Wipes by CUCCIO SOMATOLOGY ($4): These wipes are perfect for your Pre + Post Workout Cleansing. Say goodbye to a post-workout sweat! Cooling + Cleansing Active wipes are Paraben-free, unlike most body wipes.  Accented with a fresh and soothing scent, it provides you with a relaxing sensual experience.

5. Aunt Flo Tea by THE STILL CO ($10): This gentle blend makes a wonderful beverage to sip if you are feeling bloated,  having tummy issues or if it's that time of the month. Aromatic and tasty herbs in this infusion create a balanced flavor for a happy belly. Makes 10 cups of tea. Caffeine-Free.


6. SELF-WORTH ZEN CARD: Designed and printed exclusively for the Feeling Fab community. This month our Zen Card offers a Self-Esteem elevating exercise as taught by Louise Hay. This beautiful meditation is designed to help us transform a lack of self-esteem into inner confidence, self-acceptance, and self-belief.