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1. ‘Epik C’ Vitamin C Serum by BETTER SKIN ($42): A super hydrating, skin tightening, spirit lifting serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines using cutting-edge plant-based technology. Advanced Vitamin C formula works hard to improve the appearance of skin. Botanicals and fruit extracts help guard against pollution. Scented with a hint of lemon.

2. ‘BugZero’ Natural Bug Repellent Spray by OLIO BEAUTY ($12):  Keeping bugs away with a good mosquito repellent is a top priority. BugZero is an all natural, deet-free bug repellent spray that is SAFE for you and your little ones, smells aromatic, and feels clean & crisp

3.  ‘Life is Beachy’ After-Sun Spray by OILIVING LIFE ($11):  Life is Beachy is an amazing hydrating after-sun spray! Cooling Peppermint Essential Oil, regenerative and skin healing Helichrysum Essential Oil and calming Lavender Hydrosol will bring natural relief to hot, sun exposed skin. Keep it refrigerated if extra cooling effect is desired.

4. Boho-chic Yoga Hair Band ($11):  There’s nothing more distracting than stray hair and sweat falling on your face.  Vibrant colors add sporty and chic attitude to slim, stretchy headbands. Wear it to the beach, on a hike or to your yoga studio. Comfortable whether worn traditionally in your hair or around the forehead.

5. ‘All Eyes On Me’ Hydrating Eye Gel Patches by MASKER-AIDE ($7): You deserve to shine in the spotlight! Say goodbye to those pesky under-eye circles and fine lines and say hello to bright and radiant eyes. Our ALL EYES ON ME hydrating eye gel patches will brighten, hydrate and firm under eyes while giving you a long-lasting moisture boost.

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