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February Theme: Me-Day ($68 RETAIL VALUE) 

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1. Health Naturally Energy Booster by WELL TOLD ($3):  People behind this incredible brand believe in the powerful healing force of plants. In an ideal world, we would get everything we need from the food we eat, but this isn’t always possible. These Health Boosters are not meant to replace a healthy diet; rather, they contain therapeutic doses of plant-based ingredients that we would not be able to get from diet alone.

2. Rosy Mint Tea by THE STILL CO ($15): We love this tea maker because the fabulous woman behind this brand holds a Certified Tea Sommelier certification, and she really knows what she is talking about! For centuries, mint has been enjoyed for its wonderful aroma, its great taste, and its healing power and its ability to settle a nervous stomach. Rose & Mint Infusion blends rose hips and petals with mint for refreshingly sweet and aromatic treat to enjoy any time of day.

3. Genuine Selenite Healing Bracelet ($20): This selenite bracelet is made with all- natural, high quality gemstone beads hand-picked to create each one of a kind bracelet. SELENITE is one of our favorite crystals for being a powerful cleansing and healing tool. It is one of the few minerals that has the healing ability to quickly unblock stagnant and negative energy, removing all energy blockages to create a fluid flow of energy throughout the body. 

4. Daily Detox Clarifying Cleanser by REVIVE NATURALS ($13): Bursting with exfoliating fruit extracts, this clarifying charcoal cleanser reveals smooth, polished skin that is free. from impurities. This cleanser contains activated charcoal to extract toxins and impurities from the skin, DMAE to reduce age pigmentation, tea tree oil for its powerful antiseptic properties, and lavender and chamomile to soothe and calm the skin.

5. Rose Petal Hand and Body Scrub by LOTUS SOAP SHOP ($6.50): Give your skin the care it deserves with Rose Petal body scrub. Made with all natural products, it exfoliates yet hydrates to reveal smooth, soft skin. We love the beautiful aroma of rose!
One of our favorite ways to use our scrub is to keep it next to the bathtub or near the bathroom sink. Using this right before bed time or after a long day always helps us relax a bit easier!

6. One month free membership to Buddy&Soul ($10): Buddy & Soul is a platform for personal development, merging science with community, warmth, and compassion. Enjoy one month access to online courses and workshops, inspiring content that YOU get to contribute to, and a supportive community structure. 

7. Feeling Fab ZEN CARD