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February: Heart Month

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about how we can demonstrate love towards a person we care about. However, we also want to take this time to reflect on how we are caring for our own hearts. Let’s remember the mind and heart are connected so our thoughts affect our inner spirit and heart. Because positive thinking nurtures a healthy environment for the rest of the body, we should be mindful of we say to ourselves.

In yoga, the heart chakra is an area where people commonly have trouble finding balance. Oftentimes, people are either too open or too closed off with their feelings- the balance feels impossible to maintain. But whether your heart chakra is overflowing or closed, you can benefit—and find more balance—from the following exercises.

This month, we include a guided heart aligning meditation developed and recorded just for you, our Fab Tribe. Do it as often you need it, once a day or once a week. 

Heart Opening Breathing Exercise: (You can do this breathing exercise sitting up or lying flat on the yoga mat (or your bed)):

1. Take a deep breath deeply; big inhale and a long dep exhale.

2. Rest your hand on your heart then feel the warmth and love that it emanates. Feel as if your hand is cradling the heart as you inhale and exhale, so that it can nurture the heart to grow without giving away too much. 

3. Continue breathing. With each inhale imagine your heart center—and possibly the rest of your body—filling up with a soft, green light and with every exhale feel your heart center purge pent-up negativity. 

4. When you remove your hand, you should feel energy surging in your heart chakra.


1.  Matcha Tea by HEALING BUTTERFLY: Healing Butterfly aims to bring the healthiest teas to the rest of the world. They work hard to make sure their tea is healthy, beneficial and delicious, something that you can drink every day. Healing Butterfly Matcha comes from the Nishio region of Japan and is the best quality Matcha they can source. 

2. Bath Crumbles by WILD FLOWER BEAUTY:  Every single ingredient in this bath crumbles is natural, safe, and technically edible! Made with baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, sunflower oil, dead sea salts, Epsom salts and essential oils, these amazing bath crumbles fill the tub with aromatherapy, fizz and soften the water like bath oils leaving your skin soft and smooth.

3. Glowing Face Mask & Serum Kit by LIVE  BEAUTIFULLY:  An innovative and illuminating way to mask with natural ingredients that help revitalize skin tone, minimize fine lines, moisturize, and promote a healthy glow. 

4.  Lotion Bar in a Tin by SOME ESSENTIALS :  This all-natural lotion bar is made with a blend of beeswax for a protective barrier, shea butter and coconut oil for moisturizing and softening. Almond oil is used due to it's richness in fatty acids and vitamins a, c & e. Pure and natural essential oils are used for a light scent. The lotion is readily absorbed without a greasy residue. This awesome lotion bar works with the heat of your skin to rub on leaving you moisture all day.

5. Wellness Mist of Harmony by OLIO BEAUTY:  True to its name, the Mist of Harmony instills a refreshing sense of balance and calm for all your self-care rituals. A calming and balancing blend of essential oils, perfect for meditation and self-reflection. It purifies your mind from negativities, and grounds your wavering emotions.

6. Heart-Opening Guided Mediation by IVANNA:  This guided heart aligning meditation is developed and recorded specifically for Feeling Fab members.

7. One Month of Unlimited Access to LUNAR YOGA by Kassandra Reinhardt:  Lunar Yoga is an online program for women who want to deepen their spiritual practices and connect to their own intuition through New & Full Moon practices that include yoga, meditation and journaling exercises. Throughout the month all members also get access to guest speaker interviews, live group calls, a book club and a private Facebook group.