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Products / September Box: YOGA MONTH (retail value $70)

September Box: YOGA MONTH (retail value $70)


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Product Description

1. Gemstone Bookmark by CHAKRA LOVE ($44): This hand-forged bookmark is a unique piece of art. Handcrafted with the greatest care, this 6” solid bronze bookmark includes a genuine gemstone charm. Chakra Love is a small batch studio ran by women. It focuses on gemstone jewelry and accessories for chakra wellness.

2. Inner Peace Meditation Balm by LATHER ($9): Designed to promote balance, mindfulness and bliss, our all-natural aromatherapy balm is formulated with precious essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver, cypress, bergamot, orange and ylang ylang for a grounding, relaxing and calming effect. Apply to wrists, temples, forehead or under the nose to feel centered and open to enlightenment.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo by PHILLIP ADAM ($5): Sweaty after-yoga hair is no one’s favorite look! This unique shampoo, based on a refined Apple Cider Vinegar formula, will help you give your hair the natural care it deserves. Gentle and nourishing, it will add natural shine and help maintain a healthy pH balanced scalp.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner by PHILLIP ADAM ($5): Complete your post-workout hair care with this wonderful conditioner. It will gently condition and detangle, help with frizziness, maintain the pH balance and control static electricity to result in soft, shiny and healthy hair.

5. Calming Yoga Room Elixir Spray by CUCCIO SOMATOLOGY ($9.95): Spray this Calming Yoga Room Elixir in room or studio for a relaxing and calming yoga experience or refreshment as a mid-day pick me up. Can be used as room spray, on moist towels in a spa setting or in between yoga classes at a studio.


6. FFB ZEN CARD: Designed and printed exclusively for the Feeling Fab community. This month our Zen Card offers a Present-Moment affirmation.

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