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Products / Wellness & Mindfulness Rituals Box (Retail Value $127) πŸ’“ Care Package For Women, Stress Relief and Self Care.

Wellness & Mindfulness Rituals Box (Retail Value $127) πŸ’“ Care Package For Women, Stress Relief and Self Care.


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Product Description

Are you looking for more Wellness and more Mindfulness in your life? It's time to take self-care to another level.

Our specially curated box by Feeling Fab Team "Wellness & Mindfulness" is perfect for those who are looking for more me-time. Reflect on your day with Feeling Fab Box self-care journal or track your self-care checklist. Burn Palo Santo or use a selenite gem to set your intentions. This curation is well packed with retail price of $137!!!

This box includes:

- Stress Reduction Essentials Deck by E-RESONANCE: Stress Reduction Essentials (Limited Edition) is a stress-reduction toolkit in card form. These are the essential tools you need to redefine your stress. This set will help you refine your intuition and self-confidence, as well as reduce stress, panic as and...

- Standard Performance Fit Headband by BANDZ: BANDZ is more than just a company putting out cutting-edge apparel for working out and hanging out. When you look good, you feel good, and spreading that positive energy is the name of their game. This beautiful headband is produced using cutting-edge fabric technology that is specifically designed to be breathable and comfortable. Standard Performance fit headband is designed to stay, so you can move. So lightweight and comfortable you will forget it’s even there. For the best and most secure fit, wear this headband mid-way down your forehead.

- Lavender Essential Oil by EMASES: This 100% all-natural roll-on essential oil contains real jade healing stones and is designed to promote balance and relaxation. To use, roll on wrists, temples, neck, or behind ears. Green Jade is believed to bring tranquility to the spirit and calm wisdom to the mind. Its also associated with grounding and feelings of confidence and security. Lavender oil promotes relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and menstrual cramps./p>

- Palo Santo Set: β€’ A Set of Palo Santo sticks: these sticks are perfect for clearing and cleansing the energy of spaces and people, setting intentions, grounding, preparing for special occasions, and many other occasions!

- Selenite Gem: Selenite (liquid light) is a white or clear crystal known for its powerful healing and energizing properties. It's actually one of the few crystals believed to be able to cleanse other crystals. How to use Selenite: Aura Cleansing: Visualize the crystal taking in all the negativity, anxiety, and worries from your day. Space Clearing: Place Selenite in any room where you want to clear the energy.

- Feeling Fab Box self care journal

- Feeling Fab Box evening journal

-Stylish Nonslip Yoga Socks by TOE TALK MINDFUL: Toe Talk creates high-quality socks for women who embody the mind and body connection. Embrace the control and safety of stylish nonslip socks, and put your mantra front and center with Toe Talk. Total consciousness. From the ground up. Benefits of Bamboo Blend Socks: Is an easily renewable resource β€’ Is lightweight yet strong β€’ Extremely soft β€’ High stretch β€’ Has excellent wicking properties * Has natural antibacterial qualities. Features: Unique Two Sock Design--Top & Bottom β€’ Lightweight for a "Grounded With the Earth" Feel β€’ Unique Double Tab Cuff with Inside Color Contrast β€’ Reinforced Toe & Heel For Durability β€’ Honeycomb Knit Arch Band on Top to Keep Socks in Place β€’ Ribbed Knit Bottom Arch Band for Enhanced Support β€’ Hand Linked Toe Seam for Irritation-Free Comfort β€’ High Stretch for a Close Fit

- Rose Quartz Bracelet: Wear this healing Rose Quartz Bracelet with this AFFIRMATION: I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal and unconditional love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace.

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