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Wellness & Mindfulness Box (Retail Value $137)


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Product Description

Are you looking for more Wellness and more Mindfulness in your life? It's time to take self-care to another level. Our specially curated box by Feeling Fab Team "Wellness & Mindfulness" is perfect for those who are looking for more me-time. Reflect on your day with Feeling Fab Box self-care journal or track your self-care checklist. Burn Palo Santo or use selenite gem to set your intentions. This curation is well packed with retail price of $137!!!
This box includes:
- Stress Reduction Cards
- Headband of hopes
- Immunity Boost “Dime”
- Palo Santo + gem set
- Selenite gem
- Feeling Fab Box self care journal
- Feeling Fab Box self care checklist
- Feeling Fab Box evening journal
- Soap Gem
- Yoga Socks
- Gem Bracelet

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