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The Skincare Addict Kit (Retail price: 189!)


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Product Description

Taking care of yourself can start with taking care of your face. We put together a bundle that focuses on your face-care.

1. Glitter Peel Off Mask by FACE FACTS, $4: Sparkle away! FaceFacts have sprinkled a little bit of silver glitter into this peel-off gel mask to jazz up your me-time and pamper nights. And infused it with actives like Salicylic acid, which helps exfoliate your skin + pores. And Glycerin + Urea give you all the hydration you need to glow brightly. HOW TO USE: Smooth a thin layer onto clean, dry skin (avoiding the lips, eyes and eyebrows) Leave on and sparkle for about 20 minutes or till dry. To remove, smile to loosen the mask and then gently peeling away from the edges, starting from the base of the chin upwards. Use a dry towel to remove any excess mask. Dispose of the dried mask in the bin. And please don't flush!

2. FACE FACTS SERUM SHEET MASK - REGENERATING, $6.00: Hit refresh on your pamper routine and add our peel & sheet face masks into your self-care ritual. These self-care essentials offer the ultimate relaxing, spa-like experience that allows you to target skincare concerns and provides an extra boost to your skincare routine.

3. Rejuven Aid Plant Mask $2.99: Pamper your skin with potent, iconic herbs that have been used throughout history to treat and protect the natural skin barrier. Our biodegradable cotton-thread masks are enriched with all-natural ingredients, to comfortably fit the contours of the face for maximum absorption, adhesion, and repair. Just 20 minutes of self-care with a sheet mask is all you need to make your skin happy!

4. Fresh Tangerine Cleansing Foam $28: This cleansing foam effectively removes impurities while Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant benefits for refreshed looking skin.

5. Reverse Time Serum by Evolue $148: Reverse Time Serum reduces signs of aging that result from the loss of three important components in our skin: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Containing all three of these components, with an impressive concentration of 40% soluble collagen (the only form of collagen readily absorbed by the skin), Reverse Time Serum is a must have for lifting and firming. Directions: Apply after cleansing and toning. Use as often as needed. Keep serum refrigerated for maximum potency. Best used after √Čvolu√© Firming Toner.

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