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Skin-Care Goddess Kit (Retail Price: $59.5)


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Product Description

Taking care of your skin is important, but sometimes might be pricey, that's why we created this mini-kit that includes:\

1. Papaya Yuzu Body Spongelle, $18: This Papaya Yuzu sponge infuses vacation vibes for a tropical escape—anywhere and anytime you please. Use this cloud-like sponge and bouncy buffer to transport your spirits any day of the week. After all, a fresh spritz of papaya always does the body good. Smells Like: A day at the beach—with a tropical drink in hand. Feels Like: Warm island breezes kissed in sweetness.

2. Fresh Tangerine Cleansing Foam $5.5: This cleansing foam effectively removes impurities while Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant benefits for refreshed-looking skin.

3. High-Attitude Hydration Mask by Flight Mode, $36: All skin types can use a boost of hydration - especially during a flight To apply, take the time to massage the cream in circular motions into your skin, which will help increase blood flow and aid absorption. This mask is Infused with Australian wildberry harvest and hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and cucumber extract so you'll walk up feeling soothed and refreshed. The best part? No wash-off necessary!

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