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Products / 💓 🌹 Rose Self-Love Collection 🌹💓 Retail Value $37.5

💓 🌹 Rose Self-Love Collection 🌹💓 Retail Value $37.5


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Product Description

Rose Self-Love Collection includes:

1. Rose Hydrating Sleeping Mask x2 (6 Uses), $16: A bed of roses made just for your skin: this sleeping mask will calm and recharge your skin, making it smooth and supple and ready to face another day, flawlessly! Wake up to radiant skin, thanks to our lovely hydrating rose and jasmine formula. Get Fresh Faced no matter where your lifestyle takes you! Nourish and hydrate your skin on the go with our ready-to-use mask packets. Achieve your best fresh face by applying right before bedtime and wake up to a flawless face!

2. Self Love Candle by Willow Collective, $15: 100% Soy Based Candle, Apricot scented candle with rose quartz stones. Perfect for uplifting emotions while promoting relaxation with a sweet and soothing scent.

3. Raw Rose Quartz, $2.5. Unconditional love; compassion. gratitude; joy; emotional healing. The ultimate stone for self-love & emotional healing! Rose Quartz Crystals is a highly protective and stabilizing crystal, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.

4. Unique Diamond Peeling Gel by SOO'AE x 2, $4: Clarifying and brightening peeling gel mask with refining power of diamond and cellulose. Features: • Rare and precious Diamond • Improve the skin tone • Natural driven ingredients peeling • Smoothing

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