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✨ Glow and Glitter ✨ Skincare Set, Retail Value $44


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Product Description

This Glow and Glitter Skincare Set includes:

- GREEN TEA + GINGER REJUVENATING SHEET MASK x 2, $12: Hit the reset button on your complexion with our Green Tea + Ginger Rejuvenating Sheet Mask! Enriched with restorative and detoxifying ingredients like Green Tea, Ginger and Green Tea, this essence-soaked mask works to clear your skin of impurities, visibly reduce redness, irritation, dark spots and signs of premature aging leaving you with a replenished and rejuvenated look. Apply this 1-2 times a week for a healthy, glowing and youthful complexion. Use one of our moisturizers after to lock in the nourishing benefits and hydration!

- Glitter Peel Off Mask by FACE FACTS x 2, $8: Sparkle away! FaceFacts have sprinkled a little bit of silver glitter into this peel-off gel mask to jazz up your me-time and pamper nights. And infused it with actives like Salicylic acid, which helps exfoliate your skin + pores. And Glycerin + Urea give you all the hydration you need to glow brightly. HOW TO USE: Smooth a thin layer onto clean, dry skin (avoiding the lips, eyes and eyebrows) Leave on and sparkle for about 20 minutes or till dry. To remove, smile to loosen the mask and then gently peeling away from the edges, starting from the base of the chin upwards. Use a dry towel to remove any excess mask. Dispose of the dried mask in the bin. And please don't flush!

- Solid Clean Probiotic Cleanser, $24: Skip the complex multi-cleansing rituals. This ultimate 3-in-1 facial cleanser does it all in 1-step. Smooth it on as a balm then turn it into a cleansing oil and then micro-foam for a complete cleansing system that dissolves and removes everything without stripping your skin dry. Formulated with natural probiotics and fermented anti-oxidants to nurture and brighten your skin. Your new probiotic cleanser will help balance, brighten and nourish your skin texture by removing surface buildup and excess oil. Its probiotic ingredients will help heals and prevents future blemishes while detoxifying and purifying your skin at the same time. Whether you have normal, oily , dry, sensitive or a combination of two, our formula has naturally derived ingredients that are safe on any skin type.

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