Feeling Fab - About


We believe that everyone deserves to feel fabulous—and that there is no one-size-fits-all on the path to confidence and self-love. Some of us are vegans and some of us eat bacon every morning. Some of us work 9-to-5 jobs and some of us have four different side hustles. But we could all use an extra dose of living mindfully, balancing ourselves with the seasons, and practicing self-care in our everyday routines—which is why we created the Feeling Fab box, to give you the raw materials and encouragement to make a little more time for yourself. Get your monthly parcel of of high-quality, pure self-care tools at a price of one fast-food takeout! 


I so much love the premise behind this box- ‘holistic self-care for living well.’ I so need to get this monthly reminder to take a better care of myself- body and soul.  ~Nikki


"The boxes pay attention to a certain theme while explaining be products. This really give my self care rituals structure, and intention, as well as appreciation of the origins instead of just rubbing random products on my face."    ~Nicole


"Love this! I just received my first box a few days ago and I really enjoyed everything in it. The curation is great and the value is there. I really feel like this was money well spent..."  ~Jess