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As mothers, boss-babes and wives, our entire day is a rush hour from the bedroom to the kitchen to office to meetings and errands. The concept of taking care of our own selves is alien to us. Because we know the moment we sit down to enjoy that cup of tea while it’s still hot, the universe is going to punish us for it. 

So we relentlessly dismiss our rightful needs and desires as background noise and work ourselves to the bone. We are here to remind you that the only one who is going to attend to your wounds and mend your heart is YOU. 

We get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget who that daily routine exists for, it’s you! The mythical Sunday when you’re going to get yourself that pedicure and manicure isn’t coming. 

That day is today. Start now! It’s okay if you set aside a few hours for yourself each week. Your monthly subscription to the Feeling Fab Box is designed to be your constant reminder to put yourself first. 



"The boxes pay attention to a certain theme while explaining be products. This really gives my self-care rituals a structure and intention, as well as an appreciation of the origins instead of just rubbing random products on my face."    ~Nicole


"Love this! I just received my first box a few days ago, and I really enjoyed everything in it. The curation is great, and the value is there. I really feel like this was money well spent..."  ~Jess


"I did feel really fab after opening this box. The rose spray with the cuticle hero is awesome, and they are packaged adorably. Can’t wait to try my mask and face cream as well. Definitely a favorite box. Even the Palo Santo sticks came with a little lavender :) 💜 Loved !!" ~ Jill


"This box is one of the best. Great quality items. Thoughtful items. And extras. One of my top favorites. ~ Sherry


We created Feeling Fab Box a monthly reminder that your body and mind need to feel loved and appreciated for their beauty and their selfless service. Your own needs are as important as the needs of your family, your kids, and your business. Your health is important, how you look is important, and how your body feels is important. 

Self-care is absolutely vital for us to maintain our health and wellness, and we want Feeling Fab be your reminder to treat yourself with love. We are here to give you tools to take care of yourself and to build your own daily me-time routines and rituals.